Family Atmosphere and your child

The world you create around your child and your input in his growth strongly will influence his personality. Our final goal is to help our child to be successful.

A happy home is like an anchor because your love and warmth will help him to be confident and build good relationships throughout life. Plenty of love and care will give him security though you may have problems occasionally so you must decide what to overlook and what to deal with.

While talking to your child maintain eye contact as it brings transparency in relationships. Make chats between yourself  and your child a regular habit. Touch is a powerful medium of communication. A pat, a handshake, ruffling his hair, a hug can do wonders.

If there are two or more children each child should be focused upon separately  as this is the time to bond. Appreciating on each accomplishment, listening, solving problems, answering questions patiently and helping the child in what is important to him or her helps in building a stronger bond. On the other hand over protection and doing each and everything for the child will not help him learn and discover new things.

Take time and share jokes, precious moments, listening to his or her incidents, asking about friends and teachers will help strengthen the bond. Be a good role model because your own actions, values and behavior will mold  him into the right person. Avoid heated arguments between adults in the family in the child’s presence because it threatens the sense of security and well being and may cause inner disturbances.

Foster intellectual development by reading out books, developing skills of writing, drawing and painting.

Next time we will see how we can discipline the correct way.

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As we know that the early years leave a long lasting impression in the life of a child, we as Parent’s and teachers must help them explore the world around them by using their senses to the fullest.The first five years are very crucial and there is no other time in human life when so much is learnt in such a short time. We must give young children opportunities to Communicate and help them express themselves, give them experiences with their senses, they must explore and experiment, solve problems and learn to create. Certain skills like matching, understanding relationships, developing language, writing readiness skills and number concept must be emphasized at this stage.